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Ebène Recreational Park

The Ebène Recreational Park, was officially inaugurated on Saturday, December 05, 2020, by the Prime Minister, the Honorable Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, accompanied by the Honorable Alan Ganoo, the Minister of Transport and Light Rail and other members of government and Dr. Das Mootanah, CEO of Metro Express Ltd, and other personalities.

Designed to provide modern recreational facilities, this sustainable park has approximately 62,000 plants, 600 exotic trees, 1550 endemic trees, 240 large palm trees and 12,600 m2 of grass.

This space is unique in Mauritius with modern infrastructure including a health track surrounded by endemic plants, an open-air amphitheater, an esplanade, a children's garden with modern games, a beautiful pond that is also used for the irrigation of plants among others. Add to this, the picturesque view of the Moka Mountains and the view of the Rose Hill elevated Metro station on the other side adds a magical touch to Ebène Recreational Park.

All city dwellers will find a place in this park to relax or engage in sports activities. This friendly and safe place will also allow artists to express their talents at the amphitheater, which has been specially designed to promote art and culture.


The vision of the park is to create a unique, clean, beautiful, and secure environment which promote eco-friendly practices, educational activities, and events inclusive with the public transport for the local communities.


To develop an experience hub of innovation & environmentally conscious park for the local community.

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